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[Trekking] YHAI Darjeeling-Sandakphu: An Himalayan Experience

January 8, 2015


I had aspired to do an annual year-end yatra
Experience the chilling North India became the mantra

Off we booked an adventurous camp at Darjeeling by YHAI
What a cool experience it was, must express I

Bought a big back-pack to get the proud feeling of being a trekker
Made checklists and filled the bags, as if weight didn’t matter

From Mumbai to West Bengal, journeyed two days in a train
A lot of height up in the mountains, was in the gain
Hey, a broken window in the train gave us an overnight shiver
However, we got all pepped up walking on the Howrah bridge over the Hooghly river

A quick orientation at the base camp gave us some idea of what to expect ahead
Meanwhile, we kept off some ‘excess’ baggage, to get our bags’ weight shed

To start the trek we were first driven to Dhotrey
On the way, we had momos with spicy chutney

All the participants started the walk with enthusiasm
But some of them got a muscular back spasm
After learning to adjust the straps on their bag
The tough going became less of a drag

First halt at Tumling and the delight of a hot soup
Dumb Charades, Antakshari and impromptu dance broke ice among the group

Next leg was a long walk to Kalipokhri
The difficulty level was rising by many a degree
New Year Eve up in the mountains
A lot of fun and frolic, difficult to contain

The highest spot of trek at 12000 feet
An amazing view of Kanchenjunga was waiting to greet
Uphill we climbed to Sandakhphu
Taking unpaved steep short-cut routes quite a few
This one was a daunting part of the 5-day circuit
I got geared to train further and get more fit
A pleasant sunset that evening, and a long-delayed next morning sunrise
Overcame the acute water scarcity surprise

Now it was time for a rolling downhill
Don’t be amazed, this made a few ankles get a kill
Thick forests looked like a green mountain carpet
Gurdum felt so lovely for an amazing evening date

The hospitality of the locals in the lodges at the Highs,
Cheerful smiles, narrow eyes, served us puris and potato fries
Well dressed native damsels were envied by some
The serenity and peace of the Himalayan life felt really awesome

The culmination of the trek was a gentle long walk
I ensured to stroll slow, till it hit 5pm in the clock
Into Rimbik settlements, that have made way in the big Rock

On the return descent off Darjeeling, clouds surrounded our bus
The above experiences would have been different for groups who trekked after us…

Numb hands and feet in the freezing cold waters
Blissful embrace of the mountains and its memories is all that matters


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  1. I have read many a travelouges,
    none as interesting as this monolouge

    Cheers 😉

  2. Abhilash permalink

    Good one Deepak…very innovative 🙂

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