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[Design Thinking] Holding & Watching a smartphone for long duration

January 19, 2015

Location: A Local Train in Mumbai
Time: 8.30am, Office Travel Hours

Observation: Mobile phones with large screens now allow users to watch video content, like an entire movie. If you are travelling in a train or a bus; sitting or standing; you hold the phone for the duration of its use. Some of the smartphones weigh between 120-180 grams. Holding this weight in hand for long durations can be awkward and get painful for the wrist and the fingers.

After clicking these pictures, I started to think of some solution. The one that I could vaguely imagine is an assembly with chest strap or a neck strap, with a flexible cantilever to hold a weight at a distance of upto a foot from the eyes. (Till the head-mounted displays become affordable!)

The distance should be adjustable for closeup view, needed for various viewing distance.

Lastly, the strap should be flexible for bending in a orientation of choice.

Do comment below,
If you have ever felt the pain of holding smartphone for long duration?
If you have a design idea on smartphone viewing experience?


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One Comment
  1. Sathya permalink

    The mobile holders for car could be customized for this purpose ??

    the neck could be little longer.. instead of the clasp for car glass.. it could be buckled to belt !!

    What do you think ?

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